West Bay’s New Home

In the fifty-three years of serving the SoMa Filipino community, West Bay has never had a permanent home. With support from all sectors of the community, West Bay was able to acquire the property at 150 7th Street in San Francisco, California on May 14th, 2021.

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The acquisition and rehabilitation project provides numerous impacts including:

1) Improve programming and capacity by quadrupling program space from 1,500 to 6,200 square feet.
This will allow the organization to increase the quality of programming for its current clients, and to increase much needed capacity. There are currently 20 people on wait lists for West Bay’s after school programs.
2) Provide a permanent home for the oldest Filipino-led organization in San Francisco.
West Bay has been displaced at least six times in its 52 year old history.
3) Spur economic Development by providing affordable rental space to a small-business.
Approximately 1,200 square feet of the building is currently occupied by a neighborhood-serving restaurant,
which, over its 21-year history in the neighborhood, has fed the neighborhood families, and provided
job-training opportunities for its youth. West Bay plans to keep rents affordable for this neighborhood-serving institution.
4) Leverage public and private funding sources. The project has strong support as evidenced by securing 60% of the costs of the project (in the middle of a global pandemic) from a combination of public and private sources. See next page.
5) Contribute to Economic Recovery by completing the project within a year.
West Bay is acquiring the property on 5/12/21. Design is scheduled for completion by Summer of 2021..
Building Permits will be secured in the Fall of 2021. Construction will commence in Winter of 2022.
Construction is expected to last six months.
6) Benefit the neighborhood by improving the facade of the building. The project is a Severely Distressed Census tract. The renovated building will improve the built environment without gentrification.
7) Contribute to the permanence and identity of SoMA Pilipinas , SF’s Filipino Cultural Heritage District.
8) Create new partnerships. With an expanded space, West Bay will be able to host other SoMA-based organizations, such as the Leather and LGBTQ Cultural District and the Transgender District in the South of Market
Our project has extensive support, as evidenced by our ability to secure over 5.6 million in state, city and private support. West Bay is in the midst of a $1 million fundraiser which will take place this September. You can make a donation by clicking here