Academic Enrichment & Mentorship Program

Providing academic and culturally sensitive support for K-8 youth

Providing free after school programming focusing on academic enrichment, mentorship and Filipino cultural values. Our academic enrichment program aims to support youth academically, socially, emotionally & culturally and promote college readiness.

You are going to College

Our academic mentors are called Kuyas and Ates, meaning older brother and older sister. Culturally, the title carries a significant responsibility that goes beyond taking care of your younger brothers and sisters but also serving as a role model. 100% of our academic mentors are in college or have graduated and live in SoMa. More than half have grown up and graduated from West Bay’s programming. This is important to us so we indirectly and directly share the consistent message to youth that they are all going to college because their Kuyas and Ates are or have been and how important it is to give back to your community.

2016-2017 Accomplishments:

100% Homework Completion

More than 50% of youth meeting or exceeding grade level requirements

More than three-fourths of our youth improving on math and reading grade level requirement