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 The Afterschool Academic & Values Enrichment Program (AAVEP) is for grades K-7. From Monday to Friday, at 2pm to 6pm, West Bay serves underserved Filipino and South of Market District children and youth. AAVEP provides one-on-one tutoring, homework assistance, recreational activities, early literacy and remedial literacy programs, STEM Learning Community, physical fitness programs, and early delinquency prevention.

Our emphasis is placed on college preparation and college attainment, and as a result, West Bay aims for our children and youth to be ready by the time they go to high school and into our College Preparation Program. We work closely with both parents and schools to monitor our students’ academics and social behavior so that our students have the knowledge and character to become productive and responsible members of society. In addition, we provide DCYF-approved snacks that are free to any child and youth in the SoMa community as well as our own at 3pm to 4pm.

The program is free of charge, equal opportunity, and registers participants on a first come first serve basis.

Every day of the week has a special focus (tentative schedule!):

  • Monday – Group activities at the park
  • Tuesday – Reading & Writing day
  • Wednesday – Parkour and baseball day
  • Thursday – STEM day
  • Friday – Art day

In addition to our normal programming, we are collaborating with several agencies to bring needed services to our K-7 children:

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  • Puppy Dog Tales Reading Program: West Bay collaborates with The San Francisco SPCA to bring Puppy Dog Tales (PDT) Reading Program to our children grades K-5. We have two volunteers from PDT, Alan and Sondra, who come to West Bay every other Tuesday with Savannah (the “puppy”) between 4:00 PM to 5:00 PM. They oversee the reading of our children, whom our Mentors have targeted for improvement or maintenance of their reading skills. At the end of each hour, Alan or Sondra give our Mentors a short report on which child seems to be improving and who needs more focused assistance.


Please print out, fill in, and return to West Bay: AAVEP Application and Confidential Information Release Authorization Form


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