2/27/15 – Third Parents Night!


On Friday, February 27, West Bay had its third Parents Night! Thank you to all the parents who were able to come to this Parents Night as well as thank you for the pot luck!

We had a special guest in the beginning: a representative from the Academy of Arts! She showed everyone a video of all the creations the different creations that past and present students have created, from simple art drawings to fashion to computer designs like 3D cartoons and game characters. She was there to let everyone know of the 10 spots for a summer scholarship to the Academy of Arts! High school students and incoming freshmen allowed only! A lot of our kids and their parents were amazed that some of their favorite movie characters and some familiar games were created by people who went to the Academy of Arts!

After our special guest, Ate Vivian spoke to officially start of Parents Night. She led a round of applause to congratulate both parents and West Bay staff for our kids maintaining AND improving their grades this second trimester! Congratulations, everyone! One more trimester to go! Then, Ate Vivian spoke about how our parents are becoming more and more active in our community, such as the recent meeting at Bessie Elementary. However, we need more parents to come out to events with Ate Vivian and show the community that we are united in making the community better for both ourselves and our kids! Lastly, she said that West Bay will be a nut-free zone, and that we will begin to put up our signs in both English and Tagalog at the suggestion of one of the parents for West Bay to be more bilingual.

Next came Ate Cecile, who spoke about starting Positive Parenting Classes (PPC) that are about parents learning strategies and skills in order to create a positive relationship between parent and child. For more information if interested, please email Ate Cecile!

Then newly-elected President Robert Abad came to speak to the parents. He urged for increased involvement of parents for not just West Bay but at Bessie Carmichael and in the South of Market neighborhood. He told the parents to let the West Bay staff know how to improve not just its afterschool program but its entire organization so that we can better respond to their needs. Lastly, he announced that he and West Bay staff will do visits for each household (bringing food!) so that West Bay can get a better understanding of our parents and our children’s needs for the future.

Last came Ate Kirstie, speaking for the afterschool program. Unfortunately, Kuya John couldn’t be at this Parents Night due to getting sick. Ate Kirstie led one last round of applause for our kids’ steady and/or improved grades for this second trimester. Next, she urged the parents to keep their kids at West Bay during the full hours from 2-6 PM so that their kids can enjoy all the activities that West Bay has to offer. Exceptions are emergencies and special occasions such as a family member’s birthday!

She showed the parents some new things introduced at West Bay. The first one was the “Tagalog phrase of the week” in response to parent feedback on having more bilingualism at West Bay. She told the parents how the kids are learning a Tagalog phrase like, “Salamat po” and “Magadang hapon po”. Then, she showed everyone the calendar that’s always near the front door. Ate Kirstie explained that both kids and parents can now look at the calendar to see what West Bay will be doing that month and each day such as Art Days, STEM days, and Reading/Writing days. Green on the board means that there is a special event – whether it’s a special guest to come visit West Bay or a special field trip or fundraiser.

Speaking of special field trip, Ate Kirstie announced that although bowling next week is cancelled due to the high cost of paying for the lanes, West Bay WILL be taking a free field trip to the Academy of Arts on March 20! More details will be out next week, and so will be the sign up sheet! Parents are ALWAYS welcome to help chaperone kids and to encourage more time together with their kids!

Thanks once again to all the parents who came to Parents Night, and we’ll see you again at the end of March!


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